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For over 30 years, Irfab has produced highly regarded reports specializing in market assessment and long-term technology forecasting in the paint, coatings and related raw materials markets. Irfab’s long established reputation for quality is unmatched in terms of depth, accuracy, consistency and reliability in this complex sector of the chemicals industry.

PRA acquired Irfab in 2007 and is committed to maintaining its position as a provider of in-depth analysis and forecasting of market and technology trends.

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PRA's Irfab team is made up of coatings professionals from the resins, additives, pigments, paint and coatings industries, also with knowledge of inks, adhesives & sealants. In conducting its work the team has the benefits of our international network of consultants, the comprehensive database of coatings markets around the world and our exhaustive library of product literature and company information.